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Clinical Neuroscience Institute

Clinical Neuroscience Institute at Miami Valley Hospital

30 E. Apple St. Suite 5254 Dayton, OH  45409

Clinical Neuroscience Institute at Miami Valley Hospital North

Miami Valley Hospital North

9000 N. Main St. Suite 238 Englewood, OH  45415

Clinical Neuroscience Institute at Atrium Medical Center

Atrium Medical Center

200 Medical Center Dr. Suite 325 Middletown, OH  45005

Clinical Neuroscience Institute at Miami Valley Hospital South

Comprehensive Cancer Center

2300 Miami Valley Dr. Suite 550 Centerville, OH  45459

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For more information about the diagnosis and treatment of a condition at Clinical Neuroscience Institute, and for a referral to one of our providers, call (844) 277-28941 (844) 277-2894.

1 (844) 277-28941 (844) 277-2894

The Clinical Neuroscience Institute (CNSI) is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary neuroscience program that provides total neurologic care for patients and their families in Southwestern Ohio.

What Is Neuroscience?

Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system. Your nervous system consists of two main parts:

  • Central nervous system—the brain and spinal cord
  • Peripheral nervous system—the nerves that serve the neck, trunk, arms, legs, skeletal muscles and internal organs

The nervous system controls functions such as:

  • Cognition (thinking)
  • Breathing
  • Hearing
  • Learning
  • Vision

About the Clinical Neuroscience Institute

Our multidisciplinary neuroscience team offers comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and care for neurologic conditions (conditions of the nervous system).

Examples of neurologic conditions include:

The Clinical Neuroscience Institute includes specialty and subspecialty departments, including neurology, interventional neurology, neurocritical care and neurosurgery.

You benefit from:

  • A multispecialty group of physicians that collaborates to enhance quality of care
  • A simplified billing process
  • Advanced technology for excellent treatment of neurologic conditions
  • Ease of referrals and appointments
  • Research and clinical trials offering care that isn’t available outside of academic medical centers

Treatment for Your Movements

We have recently expanded our offerings for movement disorders treatment, including Duopa infusion therapy.


Awards and Accreditations

The Clinical Neuroscience Institute (CNSI) is proud to be a leading neurological care and research facility in Southwest Ohio, providing diagnoses and treatments for conditions of the nervous system, brain and spine.


Bethany’s story

Last spring, Bethany Sterling got a diagnosis she never expected. At 35, Sterling was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, which, with the help of Dr. Bryan Ludwig, she has been fortunate enough to move on from and continues to lead a full life.


Michael Kentris, DO, Joins the Clinical Neuroscience Institute

Dr. Kentris is a neurologist who specializes in epilepsy. He sees patients at our Miami Valley Hospital office.