Answers to Common Orthopedic Trauma Questions

Premier Physician Network doctors answer frequently asked questions about orthopedic trauma.

What services does an orthopedic trauma team handle?

Orthopedic trauma physicians – or traumatologists, as they’re also known – care for a variety of more major injuries than a straightforward, everyday broken bone.

One example, according to Premier Physician Network (PPN) physicians, of a service offered by the orthopedic trauma team is caring for hip socket fractures.

The team also often cares for people’s bones that have broken but didn’t heal right. This could include bones that didn’t heal fully, fell apart, got infected, or healed crooked.

Polytraumatized patients – patients who have, for example, multiple fractures in the same bone or throughout their body – also are seen by the orthopedic trauma team.

Talk with your doctor for more information about what services an orthopedic trauma team provides.

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How common are fractures when it comes to traumatic injuries?

Premier Physician Network (PPN) physicians who are part of the orthopedic trauma team say they care for fractures with many of the cases they see.

Of the trauma patients that the local Level I trauma center sees each year, about half of those include orthopedic injuries.

Talk to your doctor for more information how common it is for fractures to be part of traumatic injuries.

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Why is it important to have a specialized team caring for orthopedic needs arising from traumatic injuries?

Having a team specialized in orthopedic trauma care is essential to providing patients with the care they need for their serious injuries.

Patients have a better chance of a smooth recovery when they are seen by physicians who have experience in caring for – for example – a joint that is broken into multiple pieces, according to Premier Physician Network (PPN) physicians.

For more information about why it’s important to have a specialized team caring for orthopedic needs from traumatic injuries, talk with your doctor.

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