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Fall 2017

Appendicitis Known as Great Imitator Due to Varying, Vague Symptoms Growths
Medical care within 24 hours of first signs critical to outcome. 

Proper Medical Treatment of Burns Critical To Positive Outcomes
First-degree burns, including sunburns, should not be taken lightly.

Ovarian Dermoid Cysts Much Different Than Other Cell Growths
Composition, chance of duplicate cyst on other ovary among unique characteristics.  

Changes in a Woman’s Breast Composition Not Always a Sign of Cancer
Three common breast conditions can have same symptoms as cancer. 

Adult Earaches Usually Stem from More Than an Ear Infection
Ear pain in adults might not stem from the ears at all. 

Choose Nasal Spray Wisely
Talking to your physician can help determine which type of nasal spray to use.