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Fall 2018

Avoid Yeast Infections with Simple Lifestyle Changes
Want to avoid itching, burning yeast infections? Your answer lies with these simple lifestyle changes.

New Study Shows Obese Patients Live Longer with Weight Loss Surgery
A 10-year study finds middle-age men and women who have weight loss surgery have half the death rate of obese patients who don’t.

Recovering from Joint Replacement? Here’s What to Expect
Anxious to get back to your active lifestyle following knee or hip replacement?

Despite Options, Colonoscopy Remains Gold Standard for Colon Cancer Screening
Colonoscopy may not be fun, but it’s still the preferred screening test for colon cancer.

Drug Allergy or Side Effect? Why You Need to Know
Covered in hives? How to tell if it’s serious.

Danger: Child Left in Car
It’s never OK – not even for a minute.

Peanuts for Your ‘Peanut’ May Prevent Allergies
Introducing peanuts sooner is now recommended.