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Spring 2017

Allergy Shots Work to Ease Seasonal Allergy Symptoms
Breast reduction restores hope and physical confidence to women walking through a cancer diagnosis.

Chemoprevention Helps Some Women Reduce Breast Cancer Risk
Some drugs can help women lower their risk of breast cancer.

E-Visits Convenient, Efficient for Minor Health Problems
Life gets busy. Many of our offices offer an E-Visit option to connect with your provider using MyChart rather than going in for an office visit. 

Medical Advances Can Provide Alternative Choice to Hysterectomy
Minimally invasive procedures are available to treat some women's health issues.

Patient’s Input about Prescription Medication Key in Care
Patients' feedback about medication is important to their care.

Stress Test Often First Step in Diagnosing Major Cardiac Issues
Patients with misconceptions about stress tests often feel unnecessary anxiety.