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Spring 2018

Easy Steps to Allergy-Proof Every Room in Your Home from Premier Health
Fight back against common allergens! It’s easier than you think.

Premier Weight Loss Solutions Expands Services Beyond Surgery
Weight management program uses education, lifestyle changes to help others lose weight.

Vascular Screenings Important Part of Ongoing Health
Certain vascular diseases exist with no symptoms or warning signs.

Uh-Oh! Pink Pee!
Designer colors are fun – but not for your urine!

Strains and Sprains. What a Pain!
Take these three steps to avoid sprains and strains.

Accelerated Training Programs Place Adolescents At-Risk for Overuse Injuries
Volume, intensity and frequency of training main factors to injuries.

Know the Signs of Opioid Addiction
Awareness is an important step to treatment.

Mindfulness: A Way to Mend the Mind
Stress can harm your physical and emotional health.