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Summer 2017 Articles

A Heart Attack Can Be a Life-Altering Experience for Most Patients
Event can offer second chance at life, new perspective on lifestyle.

Different Title, Same Dedicated Care
Nurse practitioners and physician assistants can provide most of the same care physicians can.

Drink Up: The Health Benefits of Drinking Water
Drinking water is a simple and healthy choice you can make every day.

Ear Tubes Can Ease Pain of Chronic Ear Infections
Inserting ear tubes can fix chronic ear infections and reduce the risk of developing hearing loss and other potentially negative side effects.

Migraines Remain One of the Top Disabling Disorders Across the Globe
Proper self-care of migraines can lessen symptoms, avoid unnecessary ER visits.

Platelet-rich Plasma Injections Can Bypass Surgery, Speed Recovery
Therapy promotes healing by using body's own reparative processes.

Saving Emergency Room Visits for True Emergencies
Finding the right care for health issues outside regular doctor's office hours.