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Winter 2017 Articles

Breast Reduction Provides Hope for Women Facing Cancer Diagnosis
Breast reduction restores hope and physical confidence to women walking through a cancer diagnosis.

Carbon Monoxide Can Be Dangerous Without Much Warning
More than 400 Americans die from unintentional carbon monoxide poisoning every year.

Pacemaker Users Should Use Mobile Devices with Caution
The performance of pacemakers can be compromised when they come in close contact with strong electromagnetic fields.

Proper Hydration Should Be Essential Part of Any Workout
Anyone who ends a workout feeling thirsty and doesn't have the urgency to use the restroom may not be consuming enough water.

Thyroid Nodules Common, Usually Not Cancerous
If you have ever noticed a lump in the lower front of your neck it's important to bring it up to your doctor.

Vitamin D Important for Health All Year Long
During the winter it can be difficult for your body to generate the amount of Vitamin D that it requires to function optimally.