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Lifestages Centers for Women



Pregnancy, birth and post-partum all bring with them the possibilities of unique health challenges. But young mothers and their babies are especially vulnerable to risks and complications. We understand the unique physical and emotional challenges of young mothers, so we’re glad to offer the only certified CenteringPregnancy® program in Dayton, Ohio.

CenteringPregnancy® offers a group approach to prenatal care for young expectant mothers. Pregnant women meet in groups of eight to twelve with other women whose due dates are close to their own. Each group member receives all the components of prenatal care, including a health assessment, education and support while they benefit from sharing their experiences with young women their own age who may be facing many of the same social, personal, financial, and health challenges.

This group setting allows more time for women to explore issues impacting their health and those of their babies and families. Young women who participate in the CenteringPregnancy® program are able to better retain what they have learned, feel better prepared for labor, birth and infant care, and gain friendships and support from women in their age group. Participants take their own blood pressure, weigh themselves, set personal goals, and have an individual check-up with their clinician. Then the group, along with the clinician, engages in a facilitated discussion around important health topics related to pregnancy, birth and newborn care as well as overall health and stress management.

In addition, Lifestages and Catholic Social Services’ ParentLink have teamed up to offer young women up to age 23 a complete link to community resources that can help them build strong life skills for baby, mother and family. New mothers and fathers have the opportunity to then continue meeting after the birth of their baby to maintain connection and support with their team, while learning parenting skills that will last a lifetime. Catholic Social Services social workers will incorporate home visits as well to ensure a smooth transition after baby arrives.

Our program is available at our offices at 9000 N. Main St., Suite 234 in Englewood and 1323 W. Third St. in Dayton. For more information about the Lifestages CenteringPregnancy® program, call (937) 277-8988(937) 277-8988 and speak with the program coordinator.