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Middletown Cardiology Associates

Middletown Cardiology Associates

103 McKnight Dr. Middletown, OH  45044

Middletown Cardiology Associates in Trenton

Atrium Health Center Trenton

3590 Busenbark Rd. Trenton, OH  45067

Middletown Cardiology Associates in West Chester

7777 University Dr. Suite E West Chester, OH  45069

Middletown Cardiology Associates in Mason

Atrium Health Center Mason

7450 Mason-Montgomery Rd. Suite 201B Mason, OH  45040

Request an Appointment

For more information about the diagnosis and treatment of a condition at Middletown Cardiology Associates, and for a referral to one of our providers, call (877) 229-0321(877) 229-0321.

(877) 229-0321(877) 229-0321

Walk-In Clinic

Operated by our Certified Nurse Practitioners for non-emergent care Monday through Friday, 12:30-1:30 pm. At these visits, patients can get blood pressure checks, receive treatment for swelling, discuss concerns about medication changes and complete forms.  Please be advised that you will be required to pay an office co-pay for these visits.  

A Fib Clinic

Middletown Cardiology Associates also offers an A Fib Clinic.  The A Fib Clinic is designed with your comprehensive care in mind. Under the direction of Sandeep Gupta, MD, the Middletown Cardiology Associates' A Fib Clinic provides patients with individualized care from diagnosis to treatment.

To schedule an evaluation at the A Fib Clinic call (866) AFIB-DOC (234-2362).

At Middletown Cardiology Associates, your heart health and quality of life matters. Our board-certified specialists and skilled providers are highly-trained and experienced in the care of cardiovascular diseases, taking a patient-centered approach to fit the needs of each and every patient. Our goals reach beyond caring for you when you’re ill. We strive to provide the preventive care and education you need to manage your health independently.