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Premier Family Care of Mason


Dr. Dale Block is named Best Of The North - Doctors Of The North.

Block RHSPhysicians who enjoy a lot of patient interaction might be disappointed by the quantity they find in general surgery.

That's  what Premier Health's Dr. Block concluded, leading him from surgery to primary care. “I missed spending more time with patients,” says Block of the long hours in surgery, and not much more than early morning rounds with patients.

Now practicing family medicine, Block interacts with entire generations of patients, treating newborns and up in the “traditional cradle-to-grave” sense, he says. This summer he will add MBA to his list of achievements.

Part of his time is spent as a medical director advising other practices within the system. In his doctor's office, his role is quarterback of patient care, and the organizing of care is something he particularly enjoys.

“I believe in the mind-body connection,” he says, adding that his holistic approach teaches patients about lifestyle management, nutrition, and health habits.

He sees today's biggest health concern, chronic disease, as nearly always related to lifestyle choices. Addressing those could stop the progression of disease when they are still in the pre-Diabetes or pre-hypertension stages, for example.

Treating three and four generations of families has its amusements, plus built-in checks and balances. “They're always wanting to tell on the other [family member's] unhealthy habits,” Block Says. “That's the beauty of family medicine—that dynamic is fun to deal with.”

Originally published in Cincy Magazine on July 1, 2016