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Patient Stories

CareFinders’ Referral Made a Big Change in Her Life

 LoAnn Kane didn’t have a family doctor so when she felt ill, she didn’t know who to call. Being a client of CareSource, LoAnn called them for a doctor referral. They referred her to CareFinders who offered her three doctors who were accepting patients.

LoAnn opted for Dale Block, MD in Mason, Ohio. “I think it was meant to be that my path crossed with Dr. Block,” she said. “He’s amazing! He treats his patients as though they are family members.”

After a thorough medical history and exam, Dr. Block ordered blood work, a stress test and an echocardiogram for LoAnn. “The results weren’t bad. My blood pressure was a little high but it was the results about my thyroid that weren’t good.” LoAnn said Dr. Block prescribed medicine to address her thyroid issues which have resolved other medical issues she was having. “My blood pressure is fine now and I’m off my blood pressure pills.”

Dr. Block is monitoring LoAnn and told her the combination of a healthier lifestyle combined with the thyroid medication should help her a lot. LoAnn has cut down on her smoking and is hoping to quit someday. She said incorporating a healthier diet is tougher than she thought but she’s determined. “I know this isn’t going to be fixed overnight but with Dr. Block’s help and my willingness to change, I know I can do it.”