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Premier Family Care of Mason


In May, Steve Tabar's health class studied the cardiovascular system. The fifth graders designed informative and creative brochures that incorporated heart healthy habits such as nutritious eating, exercising, and the importance of not using tobacco.

Twenty-five of the best students' designs were then chosen for display at Premier Family Care of Mason, the office of Dr. Dale Block located in the Atrium Medical building at the high school stadium.

"Doctors' offices usually have brochures on the wall or on a table in the waiting room, and I thought it would be good to get some of our students work out to help the community. Dr. Block was wonderful to work with - as soon as I approached him he was eager to help!" said Tabar.

On May 29, students and Taber walked over to Dr. Block's office to present the brochures. Dr. Block shared that the office will feature different brochures each month.

"You all have done a wonderful job incorporating what you've learned about the heart. Our patients will appreciate these great tips," said Dr. Block as he talked to students about their project. "With summer vacation right around the corner, make sure you're staying active. Encourage your family to join you for a walk!"

Originally published on Cincinnati Enquirer website on June 14, 2013