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Premier Orthopedics

Premier Orthopedics in Centerville

Miami Valley Hospital South

2400 Miami Valley Dr. Suite 160 Centerville, OH  45459

Premier Orthopedics in Dayton

30 E. Apple St. Suite 2200 Dayton, OH  45409

Premier Orthopedics in Englewood

Miami Valley Hospital North

9000 N. Main St. Suite 227 Englewood, OH  45415

Premier Orthopedics in Middletown

275 N. Breiel Blvd. Middletown, OH  45042

Premier Orthopedics in Troy

Upper Valley Medical Center

3130 N. County Rd. 25A Suite 116 Troy, OH  45373

Premier Orthopedics in Beavercreek

722 N. Fairfield Rd. Beavercreek, OH  45434

Premier Orthopedics in Beavercreek

1244 Meadow Bridge Dr. Beavercreek, OH  45434

Premier Orthopedics in Huber Heights

Miami Valley Health Center Huber Heights

6251 Miami Valley Way 120B Huber Heights, OH  45424

Premier Orthopedics in Middletown

Atrium Medical Center

200 Medical Center Dr. Suite 375 Middletown, OH  45005

Premier Orthopedics in Springboro

360 W. Central Ave. Springboro, OH  45066

Premier Orthopedics in Tipp City

Hyatt Center

450 N. Hyatt St. Suite 304 Tipp City, OH  45371

Premier Orthopedics in Monroe

35 Overbrook Dr. Suite 110 Monroe, OH  45050

Premier Orthopedics in Fairborn

Fairborn Medical Center

2180 Gateway Dr. Fairborn, OH  45324

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For more information about the diagnosis and treatment of a condition at Premier Orthopedics, and for a referral to with one of our providers, visit our locations page.

Premier Orthopedics: Your Partner in Living an Active Life

Our entire team at Premier Orthopedics specializes in helping you stay in step with the activities that matter most to you. Premier Orthopedics physicians bring advanced training and experience to our comprehensive orthopedic and sports medicine care. That means we can call on a broad array of skilled expertise to create a care plan uniquely designed for your body, your goals and your life. While our team includes specialists in the most complex musculoskeletal challenges, we offer the full range of treatment options from exercise and physical therapy to injections, pain management, and surgery, where needed, including minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures.

Our physicians offer specialized knowledge and treatment for problems associated with:

You can find a Premier Orthopedics office close to where you live and work across Southwest Ohio in Beavercreek, Centerville, Dayton, Englewood, Huber Heights, Mason, Middletown, Springboro, Tipp City and Troy.

We look forward to being your partner in living an active life. When pain in your bones, muscles or joints slows you down, your Premier Orthopedics team is ready to help. Call for an appointment at a Premier Orthopedics office near you.

Introducing Eric Fester, MD

Dr. Fester is fellowship trained in orthopedic sports medicine. He will see patients at Premier Orthopedics office located on the Miami Valley Hospital South campus.


Introducing David Propst, DO

Dr. Propst is fellowship trained in orthopedic spine surgery. He will see patients at Premier Orthopedics office located on the Miami Valley Hospital South campus.


No-Surgery Pain Relief with Stem Cell Therapy

Discover how your own cells can boost your body’s healing power to repair joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles from damage due to arthritis, aging and injury.


Non-surgical Injury Treatment Option

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections are an advanced treatment for injuries to tendons, muscles, ligaments and some joints.


Fragility Fractures

Fragility fractures are most common in women who have osteopenia and osteoporosis. Women can play an active role in reducing their risk for osteoporosis and fragility fractures.