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Premier Orthopedics

Patient Guide

Premier Orthopedics is dedicated to supporting you in your healthcare needs. Please visit our Location and Contact Information page to find one of our office locations conveniently located nearest to you, and call that office to make an appointment.

Appointment/Procedure Preparation 

Appointment with Premier Orthopedics can be schedule by the patient or a referring physician.

New patients are asked to arrive 30 minutes before their appointment time to complete the registration process. You can download the Registration Packet, complete the information and bring it with you to your appointment.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

Please bring the following to your visit:

  • Completed registration packet
  • Copies of X-rays and other diagnostic studies (CT/MRI) performed outside of a Premier Health facility
  • Current list of your prescribed and over-the-counter medications
  • Driver’s license or other photo identification
  • Insurance card(s)
  • Payment for any co-pays, deductibles or co-insurances

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes that allows for a physical examination.

What to Expect

At your appointment, we will record your vitals – including height, weight and blood pressure – and review your health history and current medications. A Premier Orthopedics physician will conduct a thorough examination and review any X-rays and other test results that have been provided. Based on your examination, additional testing might be ordered. Digital X-ray equipment is available onsite.

Our physicians and diagnostic tools provide a solid foundation for your recovery, however, your commitment and participation are equally important. We provide extensive patient education to help you actively participate in your recovery process. An individualized care plan will be created for you.

Some care plans include:

  • Home care programs
  • Medication
  • Referral for physical therapy or athletic training services
  • Use of crutches, braces or splints

You will be referred to other specialists or subspecialists, if needed.

After Your Visit or Procedure

After your visit, you will receive instructions for self-care. You might receive:

  • An order for diagnostics (MRI/CT/EMG)
  • A prescription for physical therapy
  • Prescription medications to manage symptoms
  • A recommendation for surgical management, if needed

If your physician recommends surgery, our scheduler will speak to you about your surgery or contact you with details. After your surgery, you will be instructed on the day of surgery to call our office and schedule a follow-up appointment.

A follow up visit might also be scheduled.

Billing & Insurance

Please verify your insurance coverage before your appointment. Find a list of the major insurance plans accepted by most Premier Physician Network practices online. Premier Orthopedics accepts most of these insurance plans.

Premier Physician Network's customer service team is happy to answer any questions about billing and insurance you may have. Find detailed billing and insurance information in Premier Physician Network's billing section.