Leading in Primary Care: Advanced Practice Providers

Premier Physician Network knows how important it is for you and your family to receive quality primary care close to home. This is why we continue to add to our network of providers, and expand your access to care with even more convenience to you.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and Physician Assistants

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) are collectively known as Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) and are a part of your skilled health care team. They are dedicated to supporting your overall health and delivering the care you need, when you need it.

Their Role in Your Health Care

APPs are important members of your health care team that work with physicians. Your APP can:

  • Assess your symptoms
  • Diagnose and treat health conditions
  • Order and interpret tests
  • Prescribe medications
  • Manage chronic health conditions

Education and Training Counts

Both APRNs and PAs have obtained bachelor’s degree, and have gone on to complete a master’s program or post-graduate program. They can also have a specialized field of study such as family medicine or surgical assisting. Both are licensed through State licensing boards.

The Benefit to You

APPs are well-versed in preventive care, and work closely with you to help you stay healthy. They are part of a care team that includes your primary care physician.

Having these medical professionals available on your care team means you spend less time in the waiting room, have lower health care costs and increased satisfaction. This ultimately results in the same high-quality care you’ve come to expect from Premier Physician Network.

For more information, or to find a Premier Physician Network provider, visit premierphysiciannet.com/Providers/.